All you need to know about anxiety disorders

Excess of anything is bad. That is what it is for our health too when there is a lot of anxiety. Normally, a little bit of anxiety is good. It is our brain’s way to react to stress and alert us about any dangers. While being a little anxious sometimes isn’t a cause of worry, too much anxiety could be a sign of some anxiety disorder.

What are anxiety disorders?

They are a kind of mental illness. A person suffering from anxiety disorder fears a situation and becomes overly anxious about anything relating to work, social gathering, a person, etc. The person starts to get into a shell and avoid any situation or a person that could make him/her panicky and anxious.

Symptoms of anxiety disorders

There are multiple symptoms that one can watch out for, including:

There are multiple types of anxiety disorders depending upon the trigger such as panic disorder or social anxiety disorder or a generalized one, among others. The causes could be either genetic in nature or could be due to withdrawal of drugs, or some past situations or events or due to some medical conditions. The disorders can be treated and managed well with medical intervention and proper counseling.

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