Amid COVID-19, when to visit a doctor for toothache and how?

Toothache is a sign of tooth decay. Seeing a dentist in such a condition is normal, but under the given circumstances when coronavirus is so prevalent, it is not that easy and not advisable too.

When to see a dentist amid the pandemic?

Every toothache is not an emergency situation, but when the pain is severe and stays for long, then a visit to a doctor is a must. Visiting a dentist, however, around this time should be done after due diligence and with utmost caution.

Try contacting a dentist virtually, in case the toothache is mild. Take all the precautions suggested by him/her and try to soothe the pain with the medications themselves. Ascertain if the condition is emergency or not and requires immediate medical intervention.

Even if it is an emergency, contact the dentist online first and take the initial guidance over a phone call or a video call.

In a situation when seeing a dentist is unavoidable, take the following precautions:

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