Avoiding COVID Second Wave & How to Take Care?

Covid Second Wave

The second wave of Corona Virus has seriously wreaked India on all fronts, especially health, economy, infrastructure, and social and over and above economic conditions. Hence, it is termed Covid 2.0.

Present Covid 2.0 is attacking every person everywhere, whether rural or urban sector. It is widely attacking those where the body immunity of human beings is compromised due to different causes. 

The primary and foremost precaution or care is to have the highest immunity, remain confined in a room or away from personal or social contacts, masked faces, and carefully sanitize hands before undertaking any new assignment or work.

There are three types of illness due to Covid 2.0 depending upon the seriousness of patients like Mild case, Moderate Case, and Severe case. 

Immunity Boost up with Sound Sleep

  • Immunity boost-up of every individual is significant to counter Covid 2.0, and for this, enough night sleep is essential.  
  • Our brain cells, which are damaged earlier, are repaired again by the body system itself during complete sleep. 
  • Use of social media or platforms before bedtime impair or hinder the sound sleep at night. 
  • It is widely circulated among people to off the social media and avoids taking any caffeinated drinks at night before sleep.

Counter Mild Covid Cases

  • Diagnose mild Covid -19 cases; it could be identified when a patient has upper respiratory tract symptoms and fever without breathing. 
  • These patients keep themselves in home isolation by maintaining all three Covid protocols such as physical distancing, indoor masking, and entirely hand sanitizing with a vigil on body temperature and oxygen saturation level in blood. 
  • Any adverse condition like difficulty in breathing, high fever, severe cough when occurs in mild covid case, attention of medical professionals with access to hospitals for hospitalization is a must.

Relieving from Mental Stress

  • It is well known to everyone that slight stress may be healthy, but to have more and more pressure impairs the physical condition of human beings. 
  • Stress directly reduces and kills the cells in the body, which, if present, counters with Covid. 
  • It is wise to regain the damaged cells of the body by doing meditation and yoga intermittently.

Counter Moderate Covid-19

  • When the respiratory rate is high, breathlessness and oxygen saturation level are reduced to 90%. 
  • It is advisable to reach the medical hospital for further treatment. 
  • The patient will be put immediately on an oxygen support system to make the oxygen saturation level to 92-96% with proper medication. 
  • The patient is monitored vigorously with breathing, hemodynamic stability, CT scanning of the chest to visualize the spreading of the Corona -19 virus further, and some specific tests like CPR and D-Dimer.

Antioxidant Food and Fibre Intake

  • Enhance and boost immunity; balanced food with rich oxidants like vitamins A, C, D &E with zinc and fibre would be appropriate to counter Covid-19. 
  • Antioxidants reduce radical damage to the body and slow down inflammation, and repairs the damaged cells.   

Counter Severe Covid-19

  • When the respiratory rate is very high, breathlessness increases miserably, and oxygen saturation level in blood further falls.
  • It would be appropriate to transfer the patient to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), which has all the equipment and enhanced facilities to counter the severity of Covid-19.
  • They are managing with proper Covid -19 medication. 
  • In the present scenario, the country struggles with the highest number of severe covid patients with ICU and Oxygen Supported aid.

Exercise for Enhancement of Immunity

Another boosting up of immunity is achieved by regular exercise; however, during infection of Covid -19, the patient need not do hard work or rigorous training. It could be fatal otherwise. 

These could be attempted during initial or no Covid-19 situations, thus enhancing body immunity to the maximum.

The covid is required to have significant support, logistics, etc., that comes under Disaster Management Act 2005 regulated and monitored by the Government of India.

To implement the act in the country most effectively, different level authorities have been constituted such as at Centre Level – National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA), at State Level-State Disaster Management Authorities and district level- District Disaster Management Authorities. Thus, there is a multifaceted plan in action. One of the primary drives is to vaccinate the country’s people on a large scale.

Accordingly, an action plan in force with initial vaccination was given to senior citizens above 60 years and co-morbid persons. Later on, it was reduced to 45 years age and above.

After getting tremendous response and success, the vaccination plan was further lowered with 18 years and above; however, there is a significant percentage of people coming under the third bracket, i.e., 18 years to 45 years which constitutes 80% of the country population.

Despite vaccinating all people planned in India, they should follow Covid’s appropriate behaviour with strict compliance. No one can take any chance to dilute the norms. Otherwise, the unsuccess of vaccination would be there.

To avoid the expenses of the commoner, the State Governments of various states have decided to provide the vaccines free of cost. This policy will be implemented to suffice the needs of the ordinary person and cater to their needs. If followed correctly, many steps contain the Covid 2.0, and the fatal consequences can be avoided.  

It has been observed that since Covid-19 is a highly contagious disease, to combat it, preventive measures and wise use of medicines would be to achieve the best results. The three lifelines, such as masking, social distancing, and handwashing as a preventive measure, should be an integral part of one’s daily life.

These steps will hugely reduce the chance of contracting the disease; however, if the condition happens, the above medicinal guidelines should be strictly followed with the proper consultations of health professionals so that maximum recovery and minimum casualty could be achieved. Both the public and the Government’s cooperation towards each other will help deal with this pandemic in the best possible ways.

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