Corona Scare! Fight off a Sore throat in Covid 19

Sore throat in Covid 19

Since the pandemic hit our lives, not a day has gone by when we are not worried about catching a cold, having a sore throat, or getting a fever. Even the slightest change in our health gives us chills these days.

We are already witnessing the worst of our countries position and continuously praying for the improvement of our country’s people.

It is also our accountability to ensure that we take certain precautions during these dark times and ensure people’s safety. 

The best we can do is to stay at our homes and not step out until highly urgent. Covid 19 is a novel respiratory infection and also known as Coronavirus.

People diagnosed with covid-19 have different symptoms, majorly depending on their immunity level and body type. Many may not experience a single symptom, while others can get severe infections. One of the significant symptoms is having a Sore Throat During Covid, while others are similar to the common cold.

Fighting Sore Throat During Covid 19

The pandemic has made everyone around us more precautious than ever in our lives, never did one imagined that even getting a minor cough and cold will be a sight of horror.

Symptoms of Covid-19

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Sore throat
  • Tiredness
  • Diarrhoea 
  • Loss of smell and taste
  • Muscle ache

Identify Cold Cough

You must be wondering how you can recognize whether the sore throat is because of covid-19 or not! Well, from fever to body pain, all the symptoms are similar and early symptoms of Flu, but solely based on one symptom, it can never be prophesied if it’s covid.

  • A sore throat is often an early symptom because the nose and throat inhale respiratory viruses. Seasonal change is also one of the few reasons why someone may experience irritation in the throat. They may replicate early, leading to throat soreness and irritation.
  • Almost half of the people who have contracted the deadly virus will experience sore throat, most commonly experienced by adults rather than kids or senior citizens.
  • Still, if your sore throat is accompanied by other symptoms – fever, body ache, shortness of breath, and headache- the best way to find it is to get yourself tested by the earliest to get started with the treatment immediately. 
  • If you get tested for the virus, immediately isolate yourself and start consulting your doctor.

How Long Does Covid Sore Throat Last?

Even though the sore throat in covid 19 will feel as natural as other times, in some cases, due to significant infections in the lungs, it may get worse. 

You may feel your throat hurts or gets irritated; some people also experience a burning throat or itchiness.  

Mild Sore throat in covid 19 won’t last more than a week; sources claim that it will start getting better on its own once the patient starts recovering. However, it may last for more than a week or needs to get appropriately managed by the doctors in case of significant infections. 

Prevention for a Sore Throat

The Symptoms during the covid steadily increases, and before it starts affecting the organs, it is advised to get the treatment timely. 

Medications prescribed by the doctors will have thesevere sore throat in covid recover in a minimum of 7-8 days (in case of severe infection).

Remedies For Sore Throat

  • It is suggested to consume more fluids to stay hydrated. Warm liquids like ginger lemon tea, lemonade, turmeric milk, Kadhas, and warm water may help in soothing the irritation and soreness.
  • Gargling with salt and warm water twice a day will lessen the pain. 
  • A hot water bath will reduce the irritation in the throat.
  • Use steam 2 to 3 times a day will relieve congestion or cold in the upper respiratory tract and help breathe properly.
  • Give the proper amount of rest your body requires.
  • Homemade remedies are also proven to help heal the throat.
  • If the throat doesn’t get better, consult and get on to the medicines prescribed by the doctor soon.

A sore throat is a potential symptom of COVID-19. But it’s less common than other symptoms, such as fever, cough, and fatigue, so there is not much to bother about unless it takes longer than 10-15 days to get better.

In any case, if it feels necessary to get checked, visit any medical centre, or you can also consult specialized doctors online from any city at the comfort of your place. Then, without stepping out with the help of the Ask Vaidya Covid Care Package, book your appointment according to your time preference and talk. Keep yourself safe and take care of your loved ones, times are tough, but we all are in this together and will get back more vital than ever.  

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