What to Eat When You Have COVID?

What to Eat When You Have COVID

Covid-19 is a dangerous respiratory virus and causes plenty of symptoms like fever, vomiting, nausea, loss of breath, smell, and taste. There are many other symptoms also seem with the rise of the Covid-19 second wave.

Moreover, many of us have a question in mind about what not to eat or what to eat when you have Covid 19. So, in this article, I will am sharing the Covid-19 diet to aid fast recovery and support your body’s immune.

So, learn what to eat and drink if you have Covid-19.

What to Eat When You Have Covid?

1 – Stay Hydrated

As with most infections, it’s critical to remain hydrated. Regardless of whether you can’t eat much due to how severely you feel, hydration is significant.

Hydration is fundamental because the drugs you take, like antihistamines, may make you get dry.”

Your smartest choice is to drink simply water and loads of it — 8 glasses every day. You can also add fruits, for example, lemons, to jazz it up since drinking water can be exhausting to drink.

2 - Boost your Immunity

“There’s no particular eating regimen for those with Coronavirus,” says Nate Wardle, a representative for the Department of Health.” Boosting your immunity is consistently something to be thankful for, and there are certain foods which help you with that.”

Eating some specific fruits and veggies help you to get those nutrients and improve your immunity. Below has a look at them.

Beta-carotene: Carrots, sweet potatoes and green leafy vegetables have this antioxidant that helps you to lessen soreness.

Vitamin E: Seeds, nuts, spinach and broccoli all are the best source of these fat-dissolvable nutrients and act as an antioxidant and assisting with protecting cells from harm brought about by free radicals, which are intensified shaped when the bodies convert the food we eat into energy.

Vitamin C: We all are known to how vitamin C is significant when we have a cold or this season’s virus. It is an antioxidant that can help you increase as well as boost your immunity. Good vitamin C sources incorporate oranges, red peppers, strawberries, broccoli & mangoes.

Zinc: This is found in the pumpkin seeds, beans, lentils and sesame seeds, which can help you increase white platelets, which help protect your body from disease or infection.

Bonus tips: This is a general tip that you need to follow whether you are healthy or down with COVID-19; make sure to eat three portions of fruits and vegetables every day. Also, eat lean or protein-based plants rather than eating red meat.

So, these are foods and drinks that you should include in your COVID-19 diet and boost your immunity.

Now learn what you should avoid eating when you have COVID-19.

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Food You Should Avoid When You Have Covid-19:

Likewise, in eating healthy food, it is important to eat certain food in coronavirus. Below, look at what not eat or drink if having covid-19.

1 – Limit the intake of salt and sugar
  • When preparing food, limit salt and high-sodium fixings (for example, fish sauce and soy sauce).
  • Lessen your everyday salt consumption to under 5 g (around one teaspoon), and utilize iodized salt.
  • Keep away from food sources (for example, snacks) high in sugar and salt.
  • Avoid drinking sodas or soft drinks and beverages that are high in sugar (for example, fruit juices, condensed fruit juice and syrups, milk flavoured and yoghurt drinks).
  • Prevent eating sweet snacks like cakes, cookies and chocolate.


2 – Limit intake of oil and fat:
  • Avoid eating red meat as it is high in fat.
  • Try not to consume unsaturated fats from food like cheese, ghee, coconut oil, fatty meat, butter, etc.
  • Avoid consuming processed meat as they are high in salt.
  • Also, prevent consuming food like pizza, fried food, canned food, frozen pizza, cookies, pies.


3 – Try not to eat out

Make sure to eat at home to avoid coming in contact with others. Also, it is suggested to keep social distance, so avoid going to restaurants, coffee shop. Drops from tainted individuals may arrive on surfaces and individuals’ hands (for example, clients and staff). With heaps of individuals going back and forth, you can’t tell if hands are being washed consistently enough and surfaces are being cleaned and sanitized quickly.

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