Fight off fever with Homeopathy

With the seasonal change, fever happens to a lot of people, especially children. It is not a disease rather it points to some infection or inflammation in the body. Exhaustion also leads to fever among people.

Consuming allopathic medicine for fever is common nowadays. Why homeopathic medicines are a much better option is because they do not have side effects and that they address the root cause of the problem than just acting on the symptoms.

Let us take a look at some homeopathic medicines that work well in fever:

Nux Vomica

This homeopathic remedy is given when fever happens with shivering. The person feels chilly and tries to keep himself covered.


In fever that also makes a person restless and anxious, aconite is prescribed. The person in fever also feels thirsty and experiences body aches.

Bryonia Alba

When there is body ache in fever, this remedy is ideal. The other symptom is that the person feels thirsty.

Rhus Tox

Those who have a fever that is accompanied by severe body ache and restlessness can greatly benefit from the medicine. In case someone has got a fever because of getting wet in rain, in that condition too this medicine is given.

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