How to deal with Hemorrhagic Stroke?

A stroke can be fatal and thus needs immediate attention. It is a condition when blood flow to the brain is either cut off or reduced. Because the blood flow is hampered, the brain cells do not get oxygen and they start to die. This can lead to permanent brain damage.

The stroke can be minor or major. Depending upon how serious the condition is, there could be total recovery or it can be life-threatening too. 

What is a Hemorrhagic Stroke?

A Hemorrhagic Stroke, also known as an intracerebral hemorrhage, happens due to a rupture in the brain’s blood vessel. Due to this, the blood gets accumulated in the tissue around the area of the rupture. What happens after this is that the brain feels a lot of pressure and that results in blood loss to areas surrounding it.

What are the symptoms?

How to prevent Hemorrhagic Stroke by managing risk factors?

To manage it, you should know the risk factors that could be:

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