How to Take Care of Infants if Parents are Covid Positive?

Covid positive parents

The sudden spread of the deadly virus, Covid-19, has had a deadly impact on humans and the world’s economy. It has created panic among the population, and it has been nicknamed ” Novel Coronavirus” for a reason. The symptoms of the disease are mild and increase gradually.

Precautions and prevention methods are being practised everywhere sincerely since millions have lost their lives to this lethal virus. And according to the reports of WHO, children under 18 are not as susceptible as adults to the virus. This article tells us more about methods and ways and helpful tips for people who need to take care of infants and children when diagnosed with Covid-19. 

There are many methods to prevent the contradiction of the virus, including vaccines. Even when contradicted, one can take certain measures to keep the virus from spreading further to other people in contact with the infected. There are many ways to cure the virus too. 

Symptoms of Covid-19:

Some of the early and common late symptoms of Covid-19 are given below:

  • Fever
  • Tiredness
  • Dry cough
  • Aches and pain
  • Sore throat
  • Loss of taste and smell
  • Discolouration of toes and fingers
  • A rash on the skin
  • Conjunctivitis

The serious symptoms include

  • Shortness of breath and difficulty in breathing
  • Pain or pressure building in chest
  • Loss of speech, slurring of movement

Though people with mild symptoms can manage it at home, people with severe symptoms must consult a medical facility or doctor to get themselves quarantined to avoid infecting others near them. 

Though the symptoms exhibit after 5-6 days, it can also take up to 14 days to show themselves.

Prevention Methods of Covid-19:

One must follow many preventive measures seriously to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. 

Some of the measures that one must take before the contradiction of the virus include

  • Keeping away from the infected
  • Wearing protective gears like masks, gloves before leaving your home 
  • Using sanitiser to keep your hands germ-free and to keep your hand sanitised from any other external factors deteriorating your health
  • Cover your mouth while sneezing and washing and wash your hands regularly
  • When you have been diagnosed with the symptoms, visit a health centre, consult a doctor, and take certain medications.
  • Keep tissues with you always to use when required
  • Bath daily, wash your clothes daily
  • Maintain social distancing- stand at a distance of more than two feet to avoid the contradiction of virus through saliva transmission when stood near.  


If, perchance, you have been affected by the virus, the following steps must be followed as preventive measures to avoid further spread of the virus. 

  • Keep away from other humans and pets living in the household
  • Cover your mouth while sneezing, preferably using tissue, and wash your hands after sneezing
  • Wash your hand with soap and water for at least 20 seconds after coughing, sneezing, or returning from any outdoor places other than home
  • Use separate bedroom and bathroom to avoid complications
  • Use separate materials and utensils and use hot water to clean the dishes
  • Use household items separately and avoid sharing them with other household occupants. 
  • Stay in a room that has sufficient airflow 
  • Use a household cleaner to wipe things that the patient has touched. 
  • Stay quarantined to avoid infecting healthy housemates. 


Life can be chaotic when you are affected by Covid-19 and have kids and children with you to manage and take care of. 

One must practise many preventive measures to avoid further complications. 

  • The child should avoid physical contact with the infected parent or caregiver and shouldn’t interact with the parents without the supervision of other adults 
  • If the kid is old enough or mature enough to stay alone in the house and take care of themselves, they can be allowed to stay alone or be supervised to stay at their legal guardians for a while. 
  • If the child is young and requires adult supervision all the time, a sole caregiver must be appointed to take care of them, and that person must be at a higher risk to be exposed to the virus. 
  • The caregiver must help the child to quarantine for a minimum of 14 days since they had been in close contact with the infected person for a while. 
  • If a person has been in close contact with the patient of about 6 feet for nearly a minimum duration of 15 minutes or more in recent times, they must quarantine themselves.


For children who have no other go but to stay in the same home as their infected parent or caregiver, they must take the following measures:

  • The infected and the child should wear a mask when in the same room
  • Please wash your hands frequently for at least 20 seconds and use sanitisers often, which contain at least 60% alcohol in them.
  • Disinfect items touched by the patient, increase ventilation of the room, and the children must be constantly checked for early and late symptoms. 
  • Symptoms that must be noted include body temperature, cough, shortness of breath, and others. 
  • If symptoms are found, the child must consider visiting a medical centre and taking their advice about taking care of someone infected. 
  • For best measures, it’s better if the child stays away from the infected so that they are out of risk of getting contradicted with the virus.
  • One must constantly monitor their health for preventing the further spread of the disease.


COVID-19 is a serious disaster to humanity that one must take very seriously. Therefore, protect yourselves and your loved ones with preventive measures. Millions have lost their lives to this deadly virus, hence following preventive measures for the sake of people surrounding you and keeping yourself monitored for any symptoms.

If any is found, visit a medical centre or a doctor and get diagnosed and follow their instructions to get cured soon. Or you can even book an online appointment with the Ask Vaidya Covid Care Package to maintain social distance, follow preventive measures and keep yourself, your family, friends, and loved ones safe from anything dangerous, and stay healthy and safe, considering yourself and every other person in the country.

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