Improve your lung health with these Ayurvedic herbs

Lungs are important organs of our body that work round the clock to keep us in good health. They carry oxygenated blood to all the organs of the body and dispose of carbon dioxide. The coronavirus impacts the lungs and compromises its respiratory action. The virus makes the lungs inflamed, because of which the affected person experiences difficulty in breathing.

It is important to keep the lungs healthy so that the respiratory actions do not get affected or they could fight off infections effectively. There are Ayurvedic herbs that can boost the power of the lungs.


It has properties to boost lung health and the herb lubricates the lungs.


The herb has anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, and anti-bacterial properties. It also helps build the body’s immunity.


It is a great herb to reduce inflammation. It also clears mucus and congestion of the nose.


To treat bronchial disorders, the herb has long been used in Ayurveda. It clears phlegm from the throat and improves lung function


It is very effective in eliminating phlegm and clearing the nasal passage. It also provides relief to the sore throat.

The herbs have healing properties and protect the lungs from pollutants and toxins. They also increase the power of the lungs by increasing the overall immunity of the body.

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