Loose stools: What causes it?

Watery stools that are also shapeless are known as loose stools. They are very common and most do not pose any serious risk to health. There could be associated gastrointestinal symptoms one can have along with loose stools such as stomach cramps, stomach pain, or nausea.

There are many causes that can contribute to loose stools. Let us check out those:

Dietary intake

The body is unable to digest food items with certain sugars. There are many fruits, vegetables, and artificial flavorings that have sugar alcohols that the intestine can’t digest properly which could lead to loose stools or diarrhea. Similarly, milk-products that have high amounts of lactose can also result in it. Oily and spicy food, coffee, and milk particularly cause loose stools.

Food poisoning/infections

Food poisoning could be an outcome of inflammation that can be caused by viruses, bacteria, or some parasites. That inflammation can also result in loose stools.

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

Those who suffer from IBS commonly have loose stools or diarrhea. The affected person may also have other symptoms such as cramps, bloating, gas, and constipation.

Ulcerative colitis

A chronic disorder of the digestive system, ulcerative colitis also causes inflammation. Some people with the disorder may have loose stools along with fever, stomach cramps, exhaustion, pain in the stomach, and weight loss.

Celiac disease

Loose stools are common in those who suffer from celiac disease, an autoimmune condition. In this condition, the body is unable to digest food’s gluten.

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