Silent Heart Attack Symptoms You Should Not Ignore

silent heart attack symptoms

Have you ever heard of a silent heart attack? I guess No, well, this is not so common heart problem like a heart attack.

A silent heart attack is also known as silent ischemia; this attack has no or minor symptoms or unrecognized symptoms. For example, you probably won’t have pain in the chest or breathlessness, regularly connected with a heart attack.

A person with a silent heart attack later reviews that they had heartburn, influenza or a stressed chest muscle.

How Can a Heart Attack Be Silent?

Like another heart attack, a silent heart attack includes blockage of blood flow to the heart and conceivable harm to the heart muscle.

The danger factors of this heart attack are equivalent to those for a heart attack with signs and symptoms. Our heart needs oxygen-rich blood to work. On the off chance that plaque (which comprises fat, cholesterol, and different substances) develops in the arteries that take blood to the heart, this blood flow can be essential or cut off.

The longer your heart doesn’t have blood flow, the more harm happens. And as there is no sign of a silent heart attack, it can cause more harm. Furthermore, without treatment, it can cause death.

But now, studies have proved that there are some minor signs of silent heart attack, and heart attack can not ignore it.
So below, learn the signs of a silent heart attack.

What are the Silent Heart Attack Symptoms?

1 - Chest Pain, Discomfort, Fullness or Pressure

Most heart attack includes minor pain and discomfort at the chest centre. You may likewise feel pressing, fullness or squeezing. These side effects, for the most part, start gradually, and they may disappear and return.

Silent heart attack can be confused as these signs might be identified with something less genuine, like indigestion. You know your body best, however. So if you feel like something’s wrong, you should be assessed by a doctor or even head to emergency care.

2 - Uneasiness in Different Body Parts

A silent heart attack doesn’t simply influence your heart — you can feel the impacts throughout your entire body. But, be that as it may, make heart attack unclear.

You may encounter uneasiness or pain in your:

  • Arms (either of them)
  • Neck
  • Back pain
  • Jaw
  • Stomach

These side effects can fluctuate from one individual to another. For instance, you may likewise feel a high pressure on your back. In any case, if you believe you’re encountering any of these unobvious heart attack sign, don’t disregard them.

3 - Trouble in Breathing and Shakiness

If you feel like you’ve recently run a long-distance race, yet you just strolled up the steps, that may be a sign your heart can’t pump blood to the other part of your body. Breathlessness can happen with or without pain in the chest, and it’s a sign of a silent heart attack.

You may likewise feel faint or discombobulated — and it’s conceivable you could faint. Although this can happen to both men and women, it’s more normal for ladies to encounter loss of breath.

4 - Cold Sweats & Nausea

Cold sweating, feeling vomiting and nausea, might be signs of seasonal flu, yet they can likewise be silent heart attack signs too.

You may understand what seasonal influenza feels like since you’ve had one earlier, yet when your gut reveals to you that these influenza-like indications are something more genuine, tune in. Try not to credit these indications to influenza, stress, or just inclination sickly — they might be significantly more serious than that.

Identify the Signs & Avoid Ignoring Them

Well, it is equally important not to ignore the signs of a silent heart attack. Also, if you experience any of the above-listed symptoms, you need to get emergency treatment.

The best way to prevent a heart attack is to get your imaging tests, like an electrocardiogram or echocardiogram. Also, eat a healthy diet to manage your blood pressure and cholesterol as they are good for the heart.


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