Take care of seasonal cold and cough with Ayurvedic remedies

With the change of season, cold and cough become very common. While they do not cause any harm, they can make you highly irritable as you are unable to be at ease when you are suffering from a cold and cough.

If you are not comfortable taking medications or cough syrups, you can find great relief with ayurvedic remedies too. 

What causes cold and cough?

Any imbalance in the three doshas – vata, pitta, kapha – leads to an ailment, as per Ayurveda. 

Nasal congestion and cough happen when Kapha and pitta in the body are in excess. This can be tackled with ayurvedic medicines:


Consuming Tulsi leaves helps boost the production of antibodies which can fight infections. It also has properties that relieve cough by pushing out mucus.


Honey has antimicrobial properties and it helps ease a sore throat. It is especially great for children as it is something that they love because it is sweet and amazing to taste buds.


Known also as Licorice or sweet wood, Mulethi is very beneficial in fighting off a cough. The herb in the powder form can be easily consumed and helps greatly in managing cough, or sore throat. It also helps reduce the production of excess mucus in the nasal airway.


It is another herb that is very effective in managing cough and cold. It is said to provide relief from congestion that happens because of the common cold.

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