Treating Asthma with Homeopathic remedies

Winters are a difficult time for Asthmatic patients. Breathing issues become increasingly common at this time of year for those suffering from Asthma. Those who do want to pop allopathic pills to manage the condition can switch to homeopathic remedies.

In fact, homeopathic remedies can be taken alongside any other treatment as there are no side effects.
Some homeopathic medicines that are effective for Asthma are:


It is best for those whose cough gets worse upon exposure to cold air or in the winter season. It is advised to those who develop coughing with a wheezing sound and have tightness in the chest. 

Arsenic alb

It is more effective for those who feel breathlessness upon lying down. The associated symptoms are tightness and stiffness in the chest, restlessness, and anxiety. There is mouth dryness too and the person wants to drink water at very short intervals. 

Ars iod

This is prescribed to those who develop asthma symptoms upon coming in contact with allergens like dust, pollen, dander, among others. The symptoms are a runny nose and watery discharge from the nose. And before asthma condition begins to exaggerate, their eyes and nose get watery and they turn red.


This treatment is provided to those who are hypersensitive to cold conditions. Just upon exposure to cold, the person gets sneezing, discharge from the nose, and cough that becomes a starting point for asthma. Due to bronchial spasm, the person feels stuffy in the chest and at night time, there is coughing along with wheezing.

While these medications are effective, it is always advisable to take one after consultation with a homeopathic doctor.

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