Online Consultation is Safe in Every Way

24x7 Best Doctors

Consult with doctors anytime and anywhere. You can consult through video call or book an appointment at the clinic instantly.

Extremely Specialized Doctors

Our doctors are board-certified and highly skilled, and experienced in their specialization.

Skip Waiting Room

Our doctors are board-certified and highly experienced in their field.

100% Safe & Secure Consultation

Our top priority is the safety of your data. Your online consultation is fully protected, confidential, and only accessed by you.

Why Ask Vaidya?

Easy & User-friendly

Easily start the online consultation by phone or perform a video consultation at the scheduled time.

No Boundaries

Now consulting a big city doctor has no restrictions. Consult from remote areas with highly experienced doctors right away.

Get One-Stop Care

Instantly connect with the specialist across India from various fields like General Physicians, Dermatologists, Gynecologists, etc. and get a diagnosis and medical advice.

Your Home for Health Care

AskVaidya offers the best doctors via speciality, City, or health conditions.

Secured Digital Prescription

Get a digital prescription securely in the app and keep them for future use. This can also get free follow-ups, reminders for medicine, future appointments and much more securely in one app.

Patient Comes First

We put patient care first, and we believe your well-being is our utmost priority. And therefore,

How Online Doctor Consultation Works?


Here you can select the doctors based on the speciality, City, and condition. It shows you the best doctors as per your criteria and gives you the option to select the best among the best.


After selecting the doctor, you need to book a consultation with the doctor. Book an appointment and pay for their consultation fee to secure your consultation booking, which you can do from the app.


After getting the confirmation on your consultation booking, be present on time on the select time slot and consult with the doctor and share all your medical details to get the best medical treatment.

One-Stop Care for ALL

With the AskVaidya app, you can now easily consult with the best, highly experienced doctors at any time. Instantly connect with the specialist through audio/video call or chat and get a diagnosis and medical advice. We offer the best doctors across India from various fields like General Physicians, Dermatologists, Gynecologists, Pediatricians, Physiotherapists, Cardiologists, Dentists, Neurologists & many others.

AskVaidya is a place where you can get connected with one of the best doctors across India. Select the doctors based on speciality, City or condition and get connected with them.

App For Patients

To get connected with the download of the AskVaidya App for Patients, click on the below-given link.

Experience. Care. Innovation.

3k+ Daily Consultations

Book your consultation and get connected with the best doctors across India.

30L+ Total Consultations

Askvaidya had successfully had 30L+ consultations. Be a part of Askvaidya to use its services.

App For Doctors

To get connected directly with the patients, Doctors can download their AskVaidya App for doctors from here. Click on the below-given link.

Happy Patients

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the online consultation from Ask Vaidya is completely legal and valid. As per the MCI (Medical
Council of India) guidelines, there are no restrictions on online consultations with the patients. Ask Vaidya
provides a secure and encrypted platform for connecting with the patients online.

Yes, we take your privacy very seriously and uses and best standards to safeguard your data from illegal
intrusion. Ask Vaidya is one of the safest and most secure platforms to store healthcare information for doctors
and their patients.

No, the patient cannot make the audio/video calls from the app. This feature is only available for the
doctor. Moreover, if you do not want to share your phone number with the patient, we suggest you use the
audio or video calling feature. The patient can message you and you can respond to it at an appropriate time.

Your account is reviewed and verified after the sign-up process; therefore it takes time to get activated.
For maintaining the patient safety, we review and verify each and every doctor’s account. Additional steps
were taken for setting up your account.

Yes, the health records are completely secure and only shared between the doctor and the patient. Every
consultation of a patient on Ask Vaidya is private and confidential. We take patient’s privacy very seriously. We do not
share or sell any patient or doctor data to third parties.

No, the Patients should not use Ask Vaidya in case of any medical emergency. Doctors on this app can
help you with consultation based issues that can be shared in the form of messages, pictures and medical
reports. In the medical emergency situation, please contact the local emergency facility or hospital.

Yes, the refund will automatically be processed within the 48 hours. But if the refund is not initiated
between 48 hours, then send a request to our support team with details and they will review it.

If your audio/video call gets disconnected during the online consultation, then within a few minutes you
will receive another call once the internet connection has been restored.

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